“I had a healing session with Rometris and it was my first session of this kind.  Rometris put me at ease just by being herself.  She let me know that the feelings that were coming up were just part of my process.  The session was incredible and so was our discussion afterward.  Rometris is a very special and wise person.  Gifted, intuitive and just really lovely.  Fun, too!  She offers different treatments and I look forward to having more sessions with her!”

Clarissa L.

Los Angeles, California

“I received healing and spiritual guidance from Rometris who has moved to Oslo from Los Angeles, California.  A strongly recommended experience!  From my guidance I realized I had held on to more severe trauma from an accident than I had admitted to myself.  Now it’s time to let it go and transform the blockage into its fullest potential!”

Geir H.


“Noen ganger kan det gå lang til å ta imot en personlig nøkkel fra vårt indre.  Vi kan stole på gamle tankemønstre og gjenta de samme utilfredstillende opplevelsene om og om igjen.  Ofte er vi ikke klar over at bare en enkel selvinnsikt kunne ha gitt oss en helt ny tilværelse.  Det er her Rometris kommer inn i bildet.  Hun beskriver ditt vesen som symbolske bilder som du kan kjenne deg igjen i.  Hun er en glimrende samtale partner for å avklare hva du ønsker å kommunisere til deg selv.
En time med Rometris kan gi deg en klarhet som kan vare i mange måneder fremover og forandre dine store og små livsopplevelser slik bare du ønsker det.”

Kristin L.

Oslo, Norway

“I had a significant change of consciousness since my session with Rometris and I am extremely grateful for her gift of healing.”

Debbie J.

Los Angeles, California

“Oh bless you, Rometris!  My Life Guidance and Coaching was such a beautiful and profound experience.”

Mia H.

New York, New York

“My experience with Rometris was amazing!  I went to her because I wanted to clear my heart to open up to receive and give.  I remember feeling a tingling sensation all over my body during the intuitive healing process.  I kept getting visuals while my eyes were closed.  It was incredible.  After the process we discussed what came forward for both of us.  It was very informative and gave me much awareness that is now helping me through my personal healing.  I highly recommend seeing her.  She helped me see issues that I wasn’t aware of.  Now that I am aware I am more clear with healing the past.  She makes you feel safe, comfortable and offers a space of love and compassion.
In one session I got more than I would in 10 therapy sessions!  Thank you, Rometris, for my experience.  It’s something I will always remember and cherish.”

Sarah K.

Los Angeles, California